Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Like any good smelling candle you wish would stay lit forever, I've burnt out.  I know, I was sad too!  I know we were all hot an heavy like a high school romance but I needed a slight break from this amazing bloggerness!  If you read this post you will know that when it's nice out in my little town- YOU'RE OUT... and so I have been.  Put away your judging eyes! 

I promise to post soon!  I will still be following the Everyday in May challenge... just not "everyday".  No, I don't think it's ruins the fun!  I think it creates a steamy harlequin romance murder mystery- minus the murder I hope!

Check back soon to see who done it, who got it, and what shenanigans I've been up to!

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Really Gets My Goat!?

You know what really irritates me...  having to work!  Why can't I just do what I want everyday and get paid for that? I mean, I'm spewing awesomeness with every breath!  Or better yet, why can't I be independently wealthy?!  I'm not talking like BILLIONS, just a mil or so!  Lately, all I want to do it blog, read blogs and learn stuff but this pesky work thing keeps occupying my time!  W.T.F. 

Think of all that you could do if you didn't have to work... house could be immaculate, spend hours cooking a special meal (if you're into that sort of thing, which I AM), be crafty, travel, workout, learn new things and SO SO much more! 

I think society has it all wrong... Now, we work work work until we're old and then get to retire and do fun things- if you're lucky.  By that time you're old, tired and not nearly as fun as you were when you were young.  Pretty much a waste of youth if you ask me.  However, I think if we were given a huge sum of money and then worked until we basically died that would be WAY better for our society.  We would have completely enjoyed our youth, found ourselves & our soul mates, gotten to travel and really understand our world and our place in it.  By then, we would be ready for children, know exactly what we wanted to do and be ready to settle down because of all of the amazing life experiences we have had would prepare us to be boring 9-5'ers.  Genius?  I think so.  Let's get with the program people!!

That's my requested rant for the day!  If you would like more philosophy de Annalee, head over to my contact page and we can really have some fun (and wine?)!
What really get's your goat?  Tell me!  Let's drink  complain together!!
Until next time...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Delicious Tidbits!

Since I'm such a new little blogette I don't have many posts to choose from for my favorites but I'll give it a go!

Cordovaisms Vol. 1 - pretty accurate if I do say so myself!
My Big Entrance - I finally did it, I started a blog!  Mom, put the camera away!!
10 Things That Make Me Smile - Gettin my cheese on!

That should be enough to give you a taste of the randomness and absolute hilarity you'll be enjoying during your blogging experience!

Until next time... 


Climbing Everest or Ever Climbing?

Yesterday’s blog challenge asked me to describe something that I am struggling with.  Well peeps, it’s about to get real.  I’m talking weave out, shoes & jewelry off kind of real… ya heard? 

I am currently struggling with two things: my health and my place in this world.  Don’t all roll your eyes at once… yes, I know lots of people have these problems at varying stages during different times of their lives, but this is what I’m facing right now. 

First things first.  I love cake, well, like a fat kid loves cake.  Problem solved right?  Stop eating cake?  Wrong.  Since I have moved to Alaska I have packed on a small child- how small you may ask?  Nonya.  HA!  Any who, this small child and if you haven’t guess that I’m talking about weight, not a small child you should… well, I’m talking about weight… won’t leave.  It has been growing since the minute we left what I lovingly call Tacompton.  That’s Tacoma, WA to you common folk!  I kid, I kid.  
Moving to the final frontier has had it’s ups and downs and while I am truly loving my experience, I am not loving this part of it.  First off, let’s talk about the food.  Fried, yummy, full fat amazingness is coming my way ALL of the time.  Oh yeah, enter the will power of a crack addict and the rest is should be history.  Second, I have always thought that people with those “happy lights” or “seasonal depression” were just whining… foot. in. mouth.  Hello, My Name is Annalee and I get sad and sleepy when it’s dark/rainy/not sunshiny.  When you throw in about 7 mo of more dark than light and more inches of rain than an amazon rainforest…well, you get the hint.  There are also extremely limited opportunities for different kinds of inspiring workouts/time/places in this sleepy little town and I know that finding something you like is the key to success.  Any suggestions are completely welcome!  So, I’m working on it but it’s a struggle.  I've gone up and down more times than an Olympic yo-yoer!!

My newest struggle is the one to find my place in this new “military wife” kinda life.  I chose this life and I understand what that means, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  I’ve always found a lot of worth in my job and being independent by providing for myself.  While I am so thankful for my husband and can still currently pay my bills, I struggle with the options of employment.  In the past two years I have been a waitress/bartender, assistant manager at a bank, expediter for a cannery, waitress again and finally my current position, administrative assistant.  Let me say, first and foremost, that in this town and this economy I am thankful for my job.  However, this job leaves me less than fulfilled.  The hard part, is figuring out why and how to fix it.  The other awesome ingredient I get to add to this recipe, is that I get have to move about every 3 years.  This is very exciting and enticing to the adventurous part of me, but scares the crap out of the part of me that does not want to be an Administrative Assistant for the rest of my ever-lovin days.  What about retirement?  None.  What about seniority in a company so I don’t start at the bottom EVERYTIME- a luxury not afforded to this lady. 

So what do I do?  Do I go all creative and learn how to design cute invitations, get a vinyl machine and start an etsy empire?  Do I become a professional Bloggette and rule the cyber world?  Do I pop out babies and try to find my worth in them?  Do I think that’s healthy- not in the slightest.  Do I go back to school and become a teacher?  Maybe, I like kiddos- oh and I’m naturally bossy, bonus!  Do I work on cake making/bakery style skills and become the next Duff?  Maybe… You can start to see my dilemma!

Tracing Echoes: Quotes I Love: Creativity Quotes

For now, I wait.  I wait, and I pray.  The Lord will show me the direction I need to go for he has a plan that I am not exactly privy to… not always my favorite part of our relationship.  I do know one thing.  I can do anything.  I can truly do anything I set my mind to and knowing this (and starting my blog FINALLY- yeay!) is one of the only things keeping me from a Level 5 padded room breakdown at the moment.  So until I figure it out… I’m just gonna keep swimming! 

What do you struggle with?  Have you had similar situations?  How did you overcome them? 
Would you like to donate $1 million dollars, making me independently wealthy and getting rid of these debacles?          

Thanks, cash only.
Until next time...

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today's Blog Everyday in May challenge asks who are your favorite 5 bloggers and why do you like them?  I don't know if I didn't follow directions closely (shocker) or if it's a repeat but I completed my blogette crush confessions here and talking about it again may just get a little creepy.  Stalker anyone?

Also... since I had the pleasure of slicing my finger while making cookies tonight, long story... don't ask and no I don't use knives while baking so you can count me out for the shiv in the cake to break out of jail baked goodies... this will be it for tonight.  Do you understand how hard it is to type with one of your knuckles in a Dora the Explorer straight jacket?  I assure you while cute and cuddly, Dora is a stern mistress who doesn't allow freedom of movement.  B*.  So for tonight, I'm out like a pair of 80's bangs but I'm sure like all good things from the 80's, I'll be back!

Happy Sunday Funday!

Until next time...

Story from my inner child...

I, like many kids, was always curious.  I was eating things off the ground, exploring my surroundings and sticking things where they didn't belong.  I thought my nose was an especially good hiding space, even for an afternoon snack.  Nope, not talking about boogers.  I'm talking about raisins. 
I like raisins and I think I must have liked them a lot when I was younger because I tried to save one for later- in my nose.  I'm not sure how long it took my mom to figure it out but all of a sudden she saw brown goo coming from my nose.  Naturally, like all new moms, she stayed completely calm  took me to my Aunt's house freaking out.  You see, my Aunt is a nurse and a damn good one at that!  She sat me down and went right to work.  No temperature, not puking and not crying...I seemed to be fine.  That's when she pulled out the tweezers.  She meant business.  Pull, pull, tug, tug- and popped out a grape.  That's right, I said it, a grape!  All that worry for nothing.  Sexy, I know. 
I will say that I now have an impeccable sense of smell... related?  Who knows... but maybe?
What's a funny story from your childhood?  Hungry for grapes now?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hey Good Lookin'

Favorite photo and why:

I have lots of photos of myself that I like, and TONS that I don't like.  I picked this one for so many reasons that you won't see just by looking at those pearly whites. 

I love this photo because of what it represents.  This photo was taken in a bathroom (weird) and is of course a selfie (shocker!)... I mean they don't call them sterotypes because it never happens, am I right?!

This photo was taken one night, maybe after a few too many G&Ts but is great none the less!  This photo was taken in my bathroom, of my first apartment living alone and supporting myself.  You see that hair? Yep, great hair day.  You see that smile?   SO happy.  You see that tiny creepy door in the corner... tons of memories and hilarious stories with some of my favorite people.  I'm proud of this time in my life.  I'm proud that I supported myself and was broke, happy and independent.  This picture represents independence, fun, change, growth and all of the experiences that help get me to where I am today.  

This is my favorite.  
What's your favorite picture?  What does that picture represent?

It's hard being me because...

...well because it's hard being anyone.  There is no one specific thing that makes my lot in life less desirable than the next person.  Well I take that back, being a super model or independently wealthy sure would help out- don't tell me money wouldn't help buy happiness, lies I tell you.


Seriously though, I've got a good family, job, I'm healthy, husband that loves me and I consider myself pretty lucky.  Sure there are things I would change if I could, but what would be the consequences?  What would I lose if I changed something?  I think I'll just keep it as is- unless you want to be my personal trainer and give me a mil, I mean... there's no reason to be greedy right?   I choose to embrace all the challenges in my life and I choose happiness. 

What makes your life difficult?  How do you choose to overcome it?

Until next time...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Day In The Life...



That was today but what does tomorrow hold?  Who knows!
Until next time...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Smile

There are so many things that make me smile that it will be hard to nail down just ten.  Here goes nothin and in no particular order!

Sun, Sand and a drink in my hand

Fall... Colors, Crisp air and all things pumpkin!

My Furbaby Kaiya

Being a Cheerleading Coach
These ladies

My Family

This man

The Seahawks

My new Rebel T4i

The future...what an adventure it will be!

Until next time...