Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm sorry...

Dear anyone I come in contact with on Monday,

I’m Sorry…

I have a Chronic Case of the Mondays.

I’m not exactly the type of person who wakes up and says “yeay, I get to go to work today”!  I mean, who is- am I right?  Ok, if you said yes- shut it.  No really, leave. 

But today was a full on case of Office Space filled with flare and me wanting to kill our fax machine the Mondays.  It is such a joy when you start off in an ok mood, for Monday, and “the man” gets ya down. 

Today I went a little cray and now feel like I should be blaring rap music and drinking a 40- oh wait, it’s 10am!  Maybe a mimosa would be slightly classier?

This may or may not be a typical scenario of the body snatching for this usually happy-go-lucky, smile wearing lady.  But I assure you, it warrants an apology.  So, person that I just very politely gave a professional B slap to the face and flashed my pearly white "I'm gonna kill you smile"... I'm sorry.  Better luck tomorrow.

Either way, here’s to you Monday! 

Until next time...

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