Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Lovin'

I’ve been thinking about blogging since we found out we were moving to the Final Frontier…I mean a city girl moving to a 2,500 person town with no road, no shopping and to a state twice the size of Texas, that’s entertainment!  However, as you saw in THIS blog, I’m a procrastinator at heart and it just didn’t make the “to do” list.  One day while I was pinteresting I ran across a blog that caught my attention and thus re-sparked my passion and helped create my little slice of blogger heaven.  Today’s Blog Everyday in May challenge is all about blog lovin’!  

Let me introduce you to a few of my favorites!

3 Ladies and Their Gent- The blog that started it all!  I found Amber’s blog on Pinterest and have been following ever since!  Amber’s blog has foodie love, cute outfits and adorable babies!  How could I not be hooked?

We Took the Road Less Traveled-  Casey is another military life exploring Europe and doing it in style!  Her blog is full of travel tips, awesome pics and fun, fun, fun!  She has also been kind enough to help out this baby blogger fine her way!  I love her blog!

A Mess of Beautiful Chaos- My sorority sister’s hilarious blog was an awesome find!  I love reading about the shenanigans she get’s up to while she’s exploring this thing called life.  Check it out here, grab some jack and leave your inhibitions at the door!

The Kinch Life- I found this blog while reading 3 Ladies and Their Gent.  Aubrey has a fabulous blog and also does blog design!  Hopefully you’ll get to see one of her designs featured here soon!  Until then, head over and check out her awesome freebies, sassy style and upbeat blog!

Wanderlust- Another sorority sister and blogger extraordinaire!  Hallie’s blog is the story of a twenty something navigating through life in the city.  Hal’s blog is full of insightful posts and deep thoughts that always makes for an awesome read.  Follow her as she gets ready for an amazingly exciting new chapter in the land down under!

As I stumble through this new world I take advice and inspiration from everything I see.  The ladies listed above have provided that and so much more!  Head on over to their blogs and follow along! 

Until next time...

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  1. uM BTW I had no idea you were blogging and I had no idea that you gave me a sweet little shout out! I love it and how stinking cute is your blog!!! AOE