Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What do I do?

Isn't that one of the first questions you ask someone when you meet them?  "What do you do?" and then they answer with their profession like you just got a taste of what kind of person they are- but did you?  I don't think so.  Today's blog topic asks "What do you do, if you can't answer with your job".  First of all, I'm thankful that I didn't have get to write Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board Secretary because I am SO much more than that.  I hate being defined by my job and often feel the need to follow it up with the fact that I do have a college degree and minors, just to feel a little validation.  Don't get me wrong I like my job, most days, and am happy to even have one in this tiny town I call home, but my job doesn't define me.  So here's what else I do...

Amateur Photographer- I like nature, things, still life and of course taking pictures of my fur baby.  I just got my first "big kid" camera for Christmas and have been experimenting with it and practicing ever since.  While I haven't made the time to learn the complete ins and outs of it, my camera has already sparked a Rebel in me and the creative being inside me has begun to spread her wings!

Cook- Have I mentioned that I LOVE to cook?  I love to try new recipes, create my own and experience all of the culinary delights I can.  I'm a true foodie at heart and will try any recipe once!  I even made my lovely husband get up an extra hour earlier for VooDoo Donuts in Portland the day we flew home from our recent adventure!  He's such a good sport!  Visit my Culinary Delights page to see what's cookin!

Baker- This goes hand in hand with it's sister, cooking!  Baking is quickly becoming a passion in my life.  I love creating new flavors and seeing if they will work.  With my new Kitchen Aid I'm pretty sure I could take over the world.  I think I would really enjoy having a dessert shop.  You cant discriminate when it comes to sweets, so I'll just show free love to all!

Party Planner- Love me a good party!  I have been throwing more and more parties for my friends and I really love it!  I'm pretty good at it too!  I recently even got to play wedding planner to a stressed out do-it-yourself bride who was slightly over her head.  My emergency wedding planning services were a great help and it was nice to get a pat on the back and to help the wedding go smoothly.  I guess being bossy does pay off!  My mom would laugh at this revelation!

Cheer Coach- I love Cheer!  This was my first year as a Coach and it paid off.  You're looking at the South Central Alaska Conference Coach of the YEAR... yep, Year.  I was shocked and so excited at the same time.  My girls work hard and they are completely athletes in every sense of the word.  November-March 2 hours a day, 5 days a week and games.  Boom.

Television Connoisseur- It's on, I watch it!  Ok, ok... I'm not that bad but I do enjoy television.  TV gives me the chance to turn my brain off and watch the drama in someone elses life, instead of having it in my own.  Just because people don't watch tv, doesn't mean they're not living their own dramatic sitcom.  I just get to drink wine and watch from the comfort of my couch with a handsome man by my side!

Wife-  I consider this a job and one that I LOVE because I believe that marriage is work.  Now, this work is super fun most of the time and does include some extremely rewarding benefits so I can't complain!  I work at this everyday and it is part of what I do, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So next time you ask someone "What do you do?" Don't be surprised if you get a HUGE answer like this.  People shouldn't be defined by the desk they sit at just to get the paycheck for the things they really want to do.  My list is ever growing and I can't wait to see what else I like to do!

What do you do?  Tell me about it! 

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