Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today's Blog Everyday in May challenge asks who are your favorite 5 bloggers and why do you like them?  I don't know if I didn't follow directions closely (shocker) or if it's a repeat but I completed my blogette crush confessions here and talking about it again may just get a little creepy.  Stalker anyone?

Also... since I had the pleasure of slicing my finger while making cookies tonight, long story... don't ask and no I don't use knives while baking so you can count me out for the shiv in the cake to break out of jail baked goodies... this will be it for tonight.  Do you understand how hard it is to type with one of your knuckles in a Dora the Explorer straight jacket?  I assure you while cute and cuddly, Dora is a stern mistress who doesn't allow freedom of movement.  B*.  So for tonight, I'm out like a pair of 80's bangs but I'm sure like all good things from the 80's, I'll be back!

Happy Sunday Funday!

Until next time...

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