Friday, April 26, 2013

Cordovaisms Vol. 1

Cordova is a very special little town.  There are things here that I haven't found anywhere else- no I'm not talking about unicorns, although if I look hard enough I could probably find one!  These volumes are going to give you a unique look at everything that makes you go... Oh, Cordova.

1.  Hitch hiking is a completely acceptable, safe and an encouraged form of transportation. 

Not only do most people know who you are but even if they don't they'll offer you a ride.  If you see a hitch hiker, like my husband and I did today, you pick them up like they were your best friend needing a drunk ride home.  Well... that's not at all unlikely either with 9 bars for 2,500 people, but I digress.  So if you're ever in Cordova feel free to stick out a thumb and chance fate- I'm sure you'll find a ride and probably make a new friend!

2.  If the sun's out- You're OUT.

In the land of the midnight sun and full of liquid sunshine, when that yellow ball in the sky makes an appearance- so do you.  Whatever you had planned that day get's put on hold and you gear up to soak up all the Vitamin D you can.  It's not uncommon to see local businesses closed or have some poor man, low at the totem poll manning the ship with an attitude that tells you he'd rather be elsewhere.  People that you swear moved out of town because you haven't seen them in 3 months, magically appear!  This bright light brings everyone and everything out of the woodwork!  

Here are some of the images and fun we had in the last two days. 
Sunrise 5:48-Sunset 9:31

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