Friday, May 2, 2014

Frank Friday: Alaska doesn't count?

Happy Frank Friday!

So there's this common misconception that Texas is the largest state in the US.  Well, that may be true for everything under our Canadian neighbors but if you go above the Mason-Dixon Line you'll be reminded who the real giant is, Alaska.  Now Alaska is pretty quiet up here and doesn't get too offended anytime someone forgets, they normally just kindly remind the poor soul that Alaska is actually twice the size of Texas and would cover most of the US if placed on top.  Here's an illustration if you're a visual person!

Oh, snap.  When they say reach out and touch someone they were talkin' about us!  You're welcome

This little misconception was brought to my attention by a friend of a Facebook friend- not my aunt's brother's cousin's first wife, I swear.  I saw this pic and just had to say something.  You know, it's all fun and games until someone uses you as the whopper of a joke in a national marketing campaign.  #punintended

Not cool Burger King, not cool.

Not naming source for privacy- from Facebook!

You think Alaska doesn't count?  Let me ask ya this... Do you like "Alaskan" King crab?  You can thank Alaska for that!  What about Copper River Salmon, heck almost any good salmon, yep- Alaska again.  What about some of the best heli-skiing in the world? Yep- that's us!  Purple mountains majesty?!  OMG, Alaska for the win!  And on, and on, and on....

My point, or rant, is simply that while I may be a transplant of this State and laugh about the weather, my Alaskan Native husband and I call it home.  I'm all for jokes until somebody counts us out or makes fun of this glorious land. You think there aren't that many people up here in Alaska? Just wait until you piss one off *coughs...Exxon* and then you'll see just how many there are!

Happy Frank Friday!  Now go out there, tell Burger King what you think and definitely be frank!!

Until next time...
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