Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2013 Show me what you got!

As I'm reading through the PILES of old blog posts I neglected over the holiday season I'm seeing a theme that I love and want to participate in.  Everyone is jumping on the reviewing band wagon and so shall I!  Let's recap, shall we?!

*Warning: Dangerously long post filled with awesome pictures!*

January 2013- Business as usual around the Ladd house!  I was busy coaching cheerleading and D was reffing.  Yes, we were totally that couple!  Our weekends were spent in the gym, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Also, we got our October 2012 wedding pictures back!  This was an exciting time!

Febuary- More gym time and more tournaments!  The Iceworm festival was the big highlight for this month!
I just lurve watching my man play bball!!

One of my favorites running the variety show & me doing Ms. Iceworm makeup!

March- District Basketball and I was voted South Central Conference Cheerleading Coach of the Year!!!  For my first time coaching- EVER... I took this as a HUGE compliment.  Working hard to repeat it this year!  Go Wolverines!

Cordova still lookin' like a winter wonderland!

April- What a crazy month!  April was the month I plunged head first into blogland and created Life, Laughs and Ladds!!  Check out my very first post, here!

It was also our year anniversary and honeymoon time :)  What you got married twice?  Yes, little viewers we did!  We got married in April (for military reasons) and then had our wedding in October!  For our anniversary, we stowed away on a Carnival ship- destination Bahamas.  It was an amazing cruise where we met some great people and spent time enjoying each others company, relaxing and sun bathing!  A couple weeks later we were lucky enough to attend the wedding of one of D's best friends in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
1st anniversary is paper.  D handmade me an origami flower and crane!  Major points!
It's always been the little things for me!

Selfies underwater?  Yes, please!

D, the handsome groom Ron, Jen and Chris!  Love them!

May- the month we started to say goodbye to our friends, my first Coast Guard "goodbye".

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June is one of the months where Cordova shines!  We had some beautiful weather which encouraged outdoor activities!  D and I hiked quite a bit and I even took a dip in glacier water.  D said this officially made me Alaskan haha  I'm not so sure of this, but it was fun!  May/June also brings a whole new batch of CG families to Cordova and most importantly, fishing season to the Copper River!  Ever heard of Copper River King Salmon?  Yep, we're spoiled to say the least!  I also got to see my father in law in action, it was very cool!

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July was all about the girls!  My step daughters came up in early July and we had a whirlwind adventure.  We started out in Cordova and then drove through Alaska to Denali National Park and back to Anchorage.  It was SO fun!  We visited many places along the way including Talkeetna, Denali, North Pole, and everything Anchorage had to offer.  Denali National Park was by far everyone's favorite.  The trails and wildlife were awesome and our ranger cabin was an adventure!  I also ran my first 5k in July during the Salmon Jam festival!  The first of many hopefully!

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The 4th was a little soggy, but we still got out and had some fun!

Left: Ice museum- seriously cool!  Right: A long lost friend I haven't seen since I was an exchange student in Belgium!  It was SO awesome/random to see her in the middle of Alaska!!

We were falling off the bear- what?

We never have ANY fun ;)

My first 5k!
Family picture time!  We had an amazing day with Cherie from Dashing Life Photography!

August- one of my best friends came to visit me in the Last Frontier! We had SUCH a great time while she was here.  I can't wait for her next visit!  I also caught my first halibut, which checked another thing off my 35x35 list!

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September- Hello 30, you little minx!  My friends and amazing hubby helped me celebrate in style!

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October was our first Hawaii wedding anniversary, Halloween and a fun trip to see my parents!

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This is what an anniversary dinner looks like when your husband is sick :(

November was my second sobriety celebration and D got a moose!  Oh, and I crossed another thing off my 35x35 list- my first homemade Thanksgiving!!

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December started cheerleading, brought some snow and the girls were back for winter vacation!  It was a busy month!  Oh yeah, and football :)

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Yep, we're those parents!  I love this picture :)

What a year!?!  As I look back it's nice to see how far we've come and think of all the exciting things that are going to happen next year!  In a few short months we'll be heading out on our new adventure to San Francisco!  I'm excited for the next chapter in our story!

Until next time...