Sunday, May 19, 2013

Story from my inner child...

I, like many kids, was always curious.  I was eating things off the ground, exploring my surroundings and sticking things where they didn't belong.  I thought my nose was an especially good hiding space, even for an afternoon snack.  Nope, not talking about boogers.  I'm talking about raisins. 
I like raisins and I think I must have liked them a lot when I was younger because I tried to save one for later- in my nose.  I'm not sure how long it took my mom to figure it out but all of a sudden she saw brown goo coming from my nose.  Naturally, like all new moms, she stayed completely calm  took me to my Aunt's house freaking out.  You see, my Aunt is a nurse and a damn good one at that!  She sat me down and went right to work.  No temperature, not puking and not crying...I seemed to be fine.  That's when she pulled out the tweezers.  She meant business.  Pull, pull, tug, tug- and popped out a grape.  That's right, I said it, a grape!  All that worry for nothing.  Sexy, I know. 
I will say that I now have an impeccable sense of smell... related?  Who knows... but maybe?
What's a funny story from your childhood?  Hungry for grapes now?

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