Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scardy Cat!

I don't like to think of myself as an overly "scared" person, I mean one time at band camp when I was in High School I picked up a baby rattle snake!  Story time.  My friends and I were hanging out at my house after school, duh because I had the best food, and all of a sudden we see this little thing slither along the wall.  Naturally all of the boys screamed like girls and ran to the other side of the room then debated on who would do what to get/kill it...with no one stepping forward.  Macho friends, huh?  Me being the ever loving tom boy that I was went into my room, grabbed a snowboarding glove, opened the patio door and waited for the boys to trap it.  They did a little more than trap it after smashing it under our entertainment center and staining my parents white carpet - sorry mom- but then I grabbed what was left and threw it outside!  There may or may not have been a slight squeeling noise coming from my direction, but I assure you it was the snake.  Reptiles be scurred of me.  

I find that most things that should "scare me" really get my adrenaline going and I just act!  Well, except for my brain... I can't run away from the awesome scary things that I create all on my own!  I think the things that get my heart racing are more things that startle me or creep me out.  For instance:

1.  When my dog picks a spot in the house and just walks over a stares.  What IS that?  If it's a spirit it better be Casper because we will not be friends if you're trying to poltergeist me, I will poltergeist you!

2.  Zombies.  I love watching the Walking Dead and I know that zombies aren't real... but if there was going to be some creepy biological accident and a fictitious creature was created, my money is on the zombie.  Don't worry though... I've already created an escape plan from every room in my house AND decided that my house is a great fortress for zombie hiding.  Your welcome.

3.  Things that go bump in the night.  This can be ANYTHING from a grocery bag to an actual man inside my home (which hasn't happened and I pray it never will).  If it's dark and I can't see my brain will automatically think something is trying to kill me.  Something has come into my home, knows exactly where I am and wants my brain/blood/hair... whatever.  I'm the weirdo that sits up, looks around... maybe turns on the light... and faces it head on.  False confidence will get me everywhere!  Yeah, so if you're deciding to break into my house be ready for a fight!  

That's pretty much it.  I could probably solve these by not watching scary tv but that wouldn't be any fun!  

So what are you scared of?  Is it real or in your head?  
Do you need a place to stay when the zombies attack?

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