35 by 35

I’ve been seeing all of these really inspirational 30 by 30’s all over the internet.  As, I’m sure, these people have been inspired to create one- I have been equally inspired!  Since my dirty thirty just passed, I needed a new timeline.  Adding years and “to do’s” made my list complete!  Follow along as I grow as a person, accomplish my goals and have a blast along the way!

1 Travel back to Europe
2 Have a baby- due Jan 28!!
3 Travel to Asia or Australia or South America or ALL of them!
4 Run a 5k (Ok, I ran/walked but I'm counting it!)
5 Do a mud or color run
6 Read 100 new books

-Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She's 30
-Who ate my cheese?
-Boundaries by John Townsend 
-Eat, Pray, Love (I cheated, I've read this before- but I’m reading it again!)
-Shocked Patricia Volk
-The Host
- The Zombie Survival Guide
-World War Z
-The Witch of Bella Donna Bay
-The Help
-The Witch of Little Italy
-The Girl Who Chased the Moon
7 Make myself a cookbook
8 Learn to knit and sew
9 Catch a Halibut 4ft, 53.7 pounder!
10 Learn how to ride a motorcycle
11 Take a photography or computer graphics class
12 Visit wine country
13 Place a bet in Vegas
14 See NYC at Christmas
15 Ring in the New Year in a different country
16 Find a career I love
17 Pay off our credit cards (both of mine PAID OFF 9/26/13) Woohooooo!
18 Ride a US train (I've ridden plenty of trains in Europe)
19 Make a Thanksgiving dinner from scratch November 2013!
20 Take a dance class
21 Get my military ID  Done!
22 Be in great shape and at my goal weight
23 Go to a yoga class
24 Get acupuncture
25 Get a tattoo
26 Try surfing
27 Sing for more than just my husband
28 Go skydiving
29 Purchase myself one piece of expensive jewelry
30 Keep in touch with my friends
31 Forgive Done!
32 See the Grand Canyon
33 Volunteer to help those less fortunate
34 Go Camping- for real.
35 Quit drinking for one month Boom!  Thank you Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

Updated 10/14/14
30before30, The Happily Ever After Project, We Took the Road Less Traveled, My Obvious Obsession and of course... yours truly!


  1. Okay, so. You're coming to visit and we're going to go sky diving, go to yoga class, get acupuncture, go REAL camping, I will teach you to knit and sew, and we will make cookbooks. :)

    When are you coming?