Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh wow, that was embarrasing!

I do plenty of things that people would find embarrassing, but lucky for me, I don't get embarrassed often.  I can pick out a special story for you that will make you laugh at my expense... here it is, enjoy!

My husband (then boyfriend) and I went south of the border on our first bonefied couples vacation in March three years ago for his compleaños!  We had a blast, and a lot of cervezas, at a fabulous all inclusive resort.  This resort catered to us hand and foot!  We had a great restaurant, awesome grounds, beach and swim up bar.  So this is where the story gets good.  One day...here
We may or may not have had a few cervezas from our swim up bar and went to lay out in the sun for a breakski when all of a sudden, I kid you not, it was like a scene out of a telenovela!  I sat straight up and then regained my balance and yelled "Dios Mio" (yep...ok maybe not) It's my Padre's birthday!!!  **Cue super scary stressed out music from an organ**  D looks at me with a weird look and says, are you sure?  Of course I'm sure, it's my Dad, duh... so naturally I call my Dad this is where it gets a little fuzzy and sing him Happy Birthday and tell him how much a love him, blah blah blah...

The rest of the day/night D keeps telling me that I'm crazy and he's pretty sure that he would have noticed in two years if he had the same birthday as my Dad.  But being the stubborn person I am, I calmly assure him that he's wrong.  We continue on having a great night, on D's actual birthday, and make it back to our casa. 

The next morning I wake up to this voicemail from my little brother..." Hi Anna (Don't even think about calling me Anna, it's a privilege given to few because I hate it) Mom, Dad and I just wanted to say hi.  Oh, and Dad said thank you for the birthday wishes two months early.  He said have another pina colada! **ensue copious amounts of laughter** end call."

Yep, that happened.  Nope, I haven't lived it down yet.  Morale of the story... drunk dialing is NEVER a good idea, especially to your parents.  'nough said.

Until next time...

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