Monday, July 1, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!

My Cara Box arrived!!  What's a Cara Box you ask?  Well let me tell you! It's pure awesomeness all wrapped up in a flat rate box!  Ok, so it's a little more than that...

Cara Box is a gift exchange of sorts where you get paired with another blogger (or non blogger, yes- there's a special place for you too), you learn about them and then send them super fun stuff!  There is a different theme each month so you don't get bored and cheat on the program. *ahem diets* Excuse me while I sip my wine, I think there is something in my throat. 

Lucky for me, I got paired up with two of the coolest ladies around!  It was the first time that all three of us would participate in this program so we muddled through it together.  Honestly, I think we had WAY more fun that way. 

My victim The woman who was lucky enough to get my package was Lori!  Lori blogs over at Morning Glories and Moonflowers and let me tell you, this lady is amazing!  We quickly bonded over Pugs and Adam Levine, ah be still my heart!  With an initial e-mail like that, how could I not be in blogette love mode?  After checking out her cute blog I quickly learned a couple things... With all of the book reviews on her blog I'm pretty sure she is either a) a genius or b) owns a library.  Either scenario I'm completely on board with.  Have I told you that she homeschools her two ladies?  Yeah, pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if I do say so myself.  And I do!  I'm lucky to have been paired with such a great lady and I can't wait to see what books/crafts/general amazingness happens on her blog next!

Tiffanie over at Life With The Little Man was my Mrs. Claus this month!  I am so glad I got to know her!  I mean how could someone who loves Candy Crush and finishes e-mails by saying "bye, bye, bye" after confessing their love for 'NSYNC be bad?  Pretty freakin rad if you ask me!  ...and you did because you're still reading.  WINNING!  Don't worry, we totally e-mailed about other things but let me tell you our mutal confusion over the whole "Snoop Lion" was definitely a highlight!  Tiffanie has a super awesome liftsyle blog with great little DIY adventures, cool products (who doesn't love pottie covers?) and the most adorable pictures of her little man!  Head over and check out her blog- but don't try to steal my new friend or I'll go all NKOTBSB on yo *#&!

HA!  I almost forgot to show you what amazingness headed my way from the fabulous Miss Tiffanie!
Check it out!

It's a carnival in a box!

I told Tiffanie that we didn't have a fair or carnival in Cordova so she sent me one!  How kicka*s is that!?  Soooo... I should tell you that the cotton candy didn't make it.  It met an unfortunate death shortly after coming out of the box- because I ATE IT!  I don't care if it was Hello Kitty or Hello Carny, that biz was delicious!  I forgot how much I loved pure, teeth rotting sugar that dissolves instantly.  *Side note* Cotton candy can turn any pinot noir until sangria in 10 seconds flat!  No judging- and don't steal my idea, I have a patent on that.  No really.

I'm so excited to devour share the rest of this box with the family.  It's been said that my life is somewhat of a show and now I can make it a carnival!

Until next time...


  1. Annalee- You are AH-mazing! Every time I think of you I just have to :)! I love, love, LOVE my Cara Box of Fabulousness and my girls want to adopt you as their big sister/aunt/new best friend.;) I truly feel so blessed to be considered part of your circle of friends. You are absolutely beautiful- inside and out! Mwah! Lori

    1. I'm so glad!! And of course they can adopt me! Yeay, new nieces!!

  2. Im so glad that you loved your box! I loved getting to know you and I'm so happy that to call ya friend now!
    P.S. I'm glad you loved my confession! HAHAHA :)

    1. How could we not be friends? We're flying the same nerd flags!!