Friday, August 9, 2013

Are you ready for some football?!

Yes we are and today's the day!  Preseason is upon us baby!!

Football season is upon us folks!  Seahawks game days are special holidays in this household, even the pug participates!  Can you see this?

I die from cuteness!

Have you ever heard of the 12th Man?  Well, you should probably take note now of who "he" is.  He is every single Seattle Seahawks fan- you, me, Grandpa Jo nevermind, that's Willy Wonka, , everyone!  Did you know that Century Link Field, Home of the Seattle Seahawks, has had the highest average of false starts since 2005?  Yeah- serious business!  You can read more about this stadium that challenges the noise of a Boeing 747, here!

The 12th Man is serious.  In Seattle, we may not have the biggest, baddest team that money can buy, but we will beat you in heart and noise every time!  There is a 12th Man flag in the stadium, the Space Needle flies a 12th Man Flag and they even have their own jersey!  Now, if you choose a 12th Man jersey instead of a player we might make fun of you *tourist* but we will applaud you when you bleed blue and green!  Want to know more about our beloved 12th Man?  Look no further!

In honor of the holiday football season commencing, my beloved Husband created a tailgating feast!

Fire-Grilled Artichokes inspired by Crockett's Public House as seen on the Food Network's Dinner, Drive-in's and Dives!

And of course no tailgating event would be complete with the Seattle Dog!  This is no ordinary hotdog!

Seattle Dogs are comprised of a grilled bun, sauted/steamed onions, cream cheese (crucial) and the hot dog!  These are especially good at tailgating events or after 1 am.  Vendors can be found all around the Pioneer Square area or really outside any good bar or club.  

Feeling adventurous?  Add any one of these to kick up your Seattle Dog experience:
  • Bacon - um, yes please!
  • Jalepenos
  • Ketchup/Mustard
  • More onions
  • Pepperchinis
The world is your oyster, er hotdog?, people!  To infinity and beyond!  All that jazz!
With our first win in the bag the 12th Man momentum is strong- feel free to jump on the bandwagon now!

Until next time... ca caw!

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  1. That hotdog look so yummy..... I want to eat it like RIGHT NOW!