Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Searching for Nessie

Before you get too excited, this is not about Bella and Edward's love child.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.  This is about an elusive and awesome creature known as the Halibut!  It was my first halibut fishing trip and was a constant on my 35x35 bucket list!  Well, my Husband shot me full of Dramamine and threw me on a boat this past Sunday for better or for worse.  I can honestly say it was for better!  

I caught my first Halibut!! 

Early Sunday morning we took off from the Harbor for some shrimping & fishing.  It was a gorgeous and rare sunny Cordova day.  I was all hopped up on Dramamine, lunch was packed, pots were stacked (that's shrimp pots to you) and Lou was on board.  Oh, you don't know Lou?  Well riddle me this Batman- where do you go to the bathroom on a boat with no bathroom?  Well my friends I'm here to shock and horrify you... you use a bucket!  Ha!  I can see your face know and I'm LOLing SO hard!!  So there's this thing called a Luggable Loo (that I named Lou, cute huh?) and I'm just gonna let you see for yourself, here.  Or, if you are so inclined you could use the She wee, I am not so bold or talented.  Mind. Blown.  But I digress...

 My husband's boat and a couple of his goofy co-workers!

The USS Sycamore

First things first we set out our shrimp pots after filling them with catfood- yum.  *insert gag reflex* Wait, does this mean we're eating cat food?  Well D said if I wanted to look at it that way then- kind of, but you don't eat the stomach of the shrimp so we're probably good.  Whew.  Fancy feast is not on my gourmet list!

Our first pot- 2 shrimp!  Shrimp tally ended up at 22 for the final count, enough to feed us, but now we know where to hit!  It was a lot like watching the Deadliest Catch and feeling your stomach heart sink every time it came up empty!

 Here shrimpy shrimpy... 

No judging, it worked for the Halibut!

 Most people think that Halibut is this really pretty fish swimming through the ocean in some underwater Little Mermaid song and I'm about to burst your pretty little oxygen filled bubble. 

Let me introduce you to the Halibut.  My halibut.  That's Hal.  Bam- what a looker not.
He sure is tasty though!
At 53.7lbs and 4ish feet long this fatty was hard to pick up!!!  Get in my belly!!!
Here are a couple more pics of our awesome adventures in the deep blue sea!

Catching a ride on our shrimp pot- lazy!
Fun fact: I'm OBSESSED with starfish.  You're welcome.
The underside to a starfish... he was totally feeling me up.  Inappropriate!
Da plane, Da plane!  Anyone?  Bueler....?
Well, hey there!
Rude... pssssstttthhhhh to you to.  Good day sir.  I said good day!

 All in all it was a fantastic day.  Heck, any day I spend on a boat and don't spend the majority of it sick I put in the win column!  D and I had a wonderful day and I'm so thankful for my husband coming up with all of these new experiences for me! 

What will be next?  What else can I conquer on my 35x35 this year?  Should I go fishing again, just for the HALIBUT?  Haha, had to.

Until next time...



  1. Your blog cracks me up! Love reading what your write.

    1. Thanks Christina! I'm having fun with my little space!

  2. What an adventure! My goodness! I thought our visit to the aquarium was fun but you have me beat 100x over! Got to get to AK.... Lori

  3. How awesome! That starfish is SO COOL! It just looks absolutely breathtaking! Your little shrimpys are so cute! I'm jealous that I didn't get to go. :(

    Keep checking off those boxes!

    1. You just keep watching plane tickets like a hawk and we can make these shenanigans happen!

  4. What a day! Looks like fun, although I'm totally creeped out by the look of that halibet - I've realised I'm not a sea-creature fan ;)

    1. It's SO weird up close as well! It's completely flat and creeps me out too! It's super tasty though!

  5. My goodness that looks like soooo much fun. And all those fish and shrimp and wow...

    1. Yes Ma'am! Alaska is all about hunting/fishing and gathering. It's such a different way of life but so cool!

  6. Love all these photos! Looks like so much fun! My Dad has said before he wants to move to Alaska but we keep telling him its probably WAY TOO COLD! ha!