Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sobriety Festival

There is an amazing festival put on by the Native Village of Eyak each year called Sobriety.  It focuses on the joys and gifts sobriety gives us all.  It's amazing time when native dance troops from all over come and celebrate.  There are crafts galore and can we just talk about the FOOD for a second?!  OMG it's amazing.  There are local vendors that make delicious treats and a huge potluck at the end of the celebration for everyone, for free!

*Proud wife moment* My husband and his father went out and actually got the moose for the village and this celebration.  D has never been so sexy as when I received this picture:

I mean seriously people, how could you NOT swoon?  Hunter, provider- yes, please!  The moose was first divided up amoungst the elders with the liver, heart and kidneys.  Then, the moose was butchered for this celebration for the whole village to enjoy.  Every part of this animal was used!  It. was. amazing!  Huge kudos to the cooks!

While I tend to focus on food because, well I love food, there is so much more to this celebration.  There were vendors selling native fur art, native jewlery and so much more.  It's a shoppers paradise and this deprived shopper took full advantage.


The dance troops and other preforming groups that came in did not disappoint.  There were groups from all over the came to strut their stuff and celebrate sobriety.  All of the details on the clothing are beyond amazing.  The dances preformed took my breath away at their beauty and storytelling.  The Kodiak Drummers that preformed (all kids mind you) were seriously inspirational! 

I am so blessed to live in a place so cultrally rich!
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  1. Those cuff bracelets are absolutely stunning and could be a wonderful Christmas gift.

    1. They are more gorgeous in person! I swear my picture just doesn't do them justice!

    2. I actually tried finding them online last night and google failed me (or I wasn't entering good enough search words).

  2. What an awesome post - using the whole of the moose is such a respectful way to use the beast - and the sobriety festival is a great celebration! Inspired! Thanks, Bren