Friday, November 1, 2013

Frank Fridays with a bit of photography!

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween and got their fill of tricks or treats (not the lady of the night variety!)!  I'm not feeling very scorned this Friday so it's all smiles around here and longing for my bed!  I'm a little sick, so this weekend will consist of a game night tonight, sleep and oh  yeah, more sleep!  Maybe I've had too much sugar?  Hallelujah all the candy is *almost* out of my house!  

Anywho... D and I had an awesome night handing out candy to some of the cutest witches, goblins, princesses, vampires and zombies I know!  Awesome thing about living in a 3 story- instant stair master workout every time one of these little angles rang the doorbell for their sugary goodness.  Score!  Ok, so I have to admit that after the 45th time of answering the doorbell we grabbed a chair and hung out in our entryway!  You caught me!  Either way I'm feelin' the burn today!

We handed out as much candy as we could, obviously not enough because I have leftovers, and were in bed by 9:30.  Old people, rock!  haha We had our fill of "fun" on Saturday night so I'm not sad that we missed the festivities on Halloween at all!  I mean we ate our fill in candy (someone may or may not have had a candy stomache ache- err D), watched the Adams Family and got some serious sleepy time!  That is one All Hallow's Eve Success!

Today I'm also hooking up with Jess @This Analog Adventure for her Photography Friday and showing you some seriously awesome pumpkin carving pics!  Next week (if it ever stops raining) I plan on hittin' the pavement and taking some pictures with my awesome rebel, but until then- iphone 4s pics is all ya get!  Enjoy!

 D was in charge of the delicate parts because I'm too "impatient"... oh fancy fingers- do yo thang!

 The master at work......

Our Minion!  I think it turned out quite well!

A couple Halloween pics for good measure...

And an actual pic of a glacier in Juneau that I took, so I don't get kicked off this link up!
 What a fun couple of days I've had!  I can't wait for the weekend!  I hope your weekend is amazing and don't forget to always be Frank!!

Until next time...

Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays


  1. that final photo is just incredible! wow!


  2. oh my gosh, minions! The other day I watched a little clip about one of the minions wanting the dog and I almost cried it was so cute. Those costumes are awesome! Thanks so much for linking up with Photography friday :)

    1. Thank you for having the link up! Halloween was SO fun, it's always great to see what kinds of costumes we can come up with!

  3. Visiting from the Photography Friday link up! What an impressive jack-o-lantern! Cute :) And can I just say, that last photo is just breathtaking? I've never been to Alaska, but it's definitely one of my must-see places!

    1. Thank you! Alaska is seriously breath taking. Now, if I had just used my real camera instead of my iphone, imagine the possibilities!