Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minions, Attack!

Happy All Hallows Eve, Y'all!

Today I am sitting at my work dressed up as a minion- yep, the animated version.  I really enjoy dressing up for Halloween!  I think a good sense of humor and imagination are the perfect combination for an original costume!  This year my friend and I decided to dress up as something fun instead of something slutty- that's original!  HA! 
Look at our awesome pumpkin!!

Don't get me wrong, there are some super cute "sexier" costumes but normally, they just make you look trashy and easy ladies.  #sorryi'mnotsorry! Don't worry, you can knock me off this soap box at any time since I have been an offending member of the teenie weenie costume club!  Some of my best: Sexy Jane (Tarzan), Naughty Red Riding Hood (complete with wearwolf) and my personal favorite sexy devil!  I'll spare you the pics but I will share other random costume pics!

Julia Child or 50's House Wife?

Modge podge of awesomeness!

This year we decided a cute and funny costume was the way to go!  I mean, points for originality people- these were home made!  Wait, are they still homemade if I didn't actually make anything but I did color coordinate?  I think so! I give you MINIONS!!!  

Isn't D such a good sport?!  He's our GRU!

Every Minion needs a lobster!

Our costumes were a huge hit!  Cute, creative and covering?  The 3 C's have it!  

What are you dressing up as?  Want a be a Minion, there's room for more!

Until next time...


  1. You look fantastic!!! And I love your lobster :) I definitely agree with you about "slutty" costumes, I'm over that, and Halloween is COLD in CT (I can't even imagine Alaska haha).

    1. Thanks! We had a blast, even if it was pouring here!