Saturday, November 16, 2013

Frank Fridays- err, Saturdays?

Yesterday I completely spaced writing my usual Frank Friday!  Obvi, I know!  Better late than never, right?  I'm pretty sure that should be my freaking motto. 

Well, my week consisted of meetings until 11:45pm, adult bullies, slander, three nightmares, grown men acting like children and another monthly disappointment.  Yep, it was SO much fun- insert copious amount of booze please?  Due to the late meeting yours truly attended earlier in the week, I was able to leave the oficina at 11am yesterday.  I decided it was best to throw on a pair of sweats, close the curtains and watch any and all tv that I needed to catch up on.  Holla, holla, holla- can we talk about that for a hot second?  I turned on Greys, Scandal and other shows in hopes of turning my week around and can I tell you how disappointed I was?!  Holy Hannah!  Rape on one, malpractice on another and even Glee couldn't pull me out of my funk!  It was truly not what I wanted to see.  So I made the executive decision to go to bed at 9:30 and pretend when I woke up that this whole week had been a horrible nightmare. 

Well it worked!  I work up bright eyed and bushy tailed!  I am now ready to forget last week ever happened and go about having a fabulous weekend.  This weekend will be filled with karaoke, a sobriety festival, awesome Native dancers and some seriously amazing food!  I couldn't be more excited and thankful. 

Speaking of thankful, this week D surprised me yet again and reminded me just how blessed I am to have such an amazing partner in crime.  He was by my side all week being my knight in shinning armor and my rock.  He always reminds me that God has a plan and he will always be there.  As I write this I'm tearing up because I am baffled at how lucky I am.  I could dedicate every day of "thankful" posts to him alone.  Love that man!!!

Oh wait, there's more?!  Yep!  I am still participating in the Photography Friday blog hop as well!  Not only can I dazzle you with my horrible week and make you thankful for yours, but I can share some amateur hour photos of mine!  Double yeay!  It's like a rollercoaster of fun on here folks, no tickets necessary! 

Enjoy!  Don't forget to check out their link from the button below and as always, remember to be frank!  Link up below if you want to be frank too!

Donald's Aleut Warrior gift

My first kuspuk!
And now... Photography Friday!



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  1. you're writing always makes me laugh - love your writing style! Those mountains are gorgeous, and I love how on the last shot you can see such a perfect reflection in the area of still water. So pretty!
    thanks for linking up with Photography Friday :)

    1. Thank you! I love writing, but I can only seem to do it how I hear it in my head- does that make sense? Maybe one day my photos and myself will be more refined? :)

  2. How fun! :) I'm sorry your week was awful... :( I'm glad that your weekend is proving to be better. :))) Beautiful pics of the mountains... I'm so jealous!

    1. Weekend is proving to be AWESOME! Hope yours is too!!