Friday, October 10, 2014

Frank Fridays are back!

Whazzzzup?!  You didn't think I'd just let this little gem slip quietly into the night, did you?  Well, sorry to say if you were hoping for yes, that's a big fat nope!  I am way to candid for that :)

Today's b*tch session Frank Friday will focus on two things:

1) Why are all decently priced maternity clothes fugly?

2) How in the name of all is holy do some people get supervisory roles?

Where shall we start?  Ok, clothes!  So I'm 6 months prego at the moment and while I'm mostly in my "old" clothes it's not for a lack of wanting more comfortable and stylish duds!  I, however, am not willing to spend $50 for a shirt that will only fit for the next couple of months- only to be lost to the closet monster until we do or do not decide to have another child.  Further more, if we do decide to have another child who knows if I will be the same size or if the style of said clothing item will be in style.  Yeah, no.  So, alas good friends I head to cheaper places to find clothes.  Enter ill-fitting, burlap sacks that are passed off as "maternity" clothes.  Shoot. me. now.  Can I girl catch a break?  I mean, my stomach is growing to crazy shapes to accomidate this little life and I have to wear ugly garb that makes me look like I belong in the big top.  What part of this is beautiful and magical?  I rest my case.  Please, please, please, please, please if you know if any inexpensive clothing outlets for a someone making a human, let me know!!

Next.  This will be short and sweet.  How, on God's green earth, do some people end up in Supervisory roles?  Are they like willed or pitied into them?  I'm pretty sure there are some companies that are just WAY to lazy to look beyond their current employee pool for such roles.  I'm pretty sure I'm stuck in just such a Twilight Zone episode right now.  Really, you print everything?  Really, you don't trust that the computer will store that data for you?  Do you even know what a computer is?  No... it's not an IBM that takes up a room.  Again, shoot. me. now.  Thank god this is a temp position because if I had to endure this mirco-managing, paper-loving, antiquated process following, hater of all things new and efficient... I'm not sure one of us would make it out alive.  I'm pretty sure you know which one it would be.  Woooossawww.  #pregorageisreal

On that note, I'm looking at an utterly amazing weekend ahead and I'm 9min away!  So don't forget to have fun while you're free and always remember to be frank!

Until next time!
Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays


  1. Bahahaha omg. people suck. and I'm sorry you're stuck wearing potato sacks. :(