Friday, October 24, 2014

Frank Fridays | Giggles & Galas

You made it!  It's officially TGI-FRIDAY!  Make that #bluefriday for all of my fellow Hawks fans!  Holla!  My Instagram feed has been blowing up with all sorts of Hawk love and it just makes my heart happy!

This weekend should be one for the books!  Today is the *almost* last day at my current temp assignment and if you read the last Frank Friday you'll understand how excited and giggly I am!  Also, the reason I'm ending early is that I have procured myself an amazing temp-to-hire, full time position with much better hours and pay at a seriously rad company!  I mean, when they tell me there's beer in the fridge and it's ok to drink it, there's a ping pong table in the building and I can bring my dog to work- I pretty much fell in love.  I was going to work there, whether they knew it or not.  Luckily, I didn't have to go all stalker status on me because they checked the "yes" box on yours truly!  Score!

So, Sunday is actually my truly last day for my current assignment.  Sunday!?!  Yes, Sunday.  There is a super fancy Gala that I've been helping with for that will finally come to fruition this weekend!  Don't worry, D has a fancy suit and I broke down and got the cutest maternity dress I could find for this shin-dig!  Who says bumps aren't stylish?  I'm starting to beg to differ!  Either way, as official DD for the next couple of months, I'm going to dawn my best people watching skills while the boat parties the night away!  It should be a stellar event.... and then I'm DONE!  Yeay!

Cheers to a Hawks "W", a great Gala and new opportunities on Monday!  Have a fantastic weekend, and don't forget to be frank!

Until next time...

Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays

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