Friday, August 23, 2013

Frank Friday: Random Rantings

Hello there!  Ready for today's installment of Frank Fridays?!  I am!!  Guess what, I've decided to take Frank Fridays to the next level!  There is a little button at the bottom and a link up!  So go forth and be frank!

Today's Frank Friday will deal with all sorts of random rantings.  Let's get to it, shall we.

1.  Talk to my eyes.  First of all, I want to thank everyone who checks out my lady lumps.  While I may be .5 seconds from punching you and slightly offended in the there's nothing here for you, kind of way I am also secretly flattered.  Now, before you go all 1960's women's feminist movement on me, let me just say this: I like my fun bags.  I am proud of my pillows and therefore take it as a slightly skeezy compliment when someone checks them out.  Also, I should note that this "look" is not reserved for the male species- ladies do it too!  Whether it's envy or objectification, let's try to talk to the eyes people- they're pretty too!

2.  Not all showers are created equally.  I have seen so many wonderful and beautiful showers on Pinterest lately!  They look extremely inviting and you can only imagine living in the lap of luxury in these beauties.  However, have you ever taken a shower in one of these "open concept" showers?  Let me be the first to tell you that they are freezing!  Think warm waterfall while you're in and Antarctica for any body part that should happen to venture outside the circle of trust!  The moment you reach for anything, some part is going subzero.  There's your warning.  You're welcome.

3.  I am not a mind reader, like Team Edward here.  I know I look like the Great and Powerful OZ with my powers of perception and persuasion, but alas little readers, I am not.  Well, I am really observant but I digress.  If you would like me to do something you must ASK ME.  Foreign concept, I know.  It really gets my goat when people would like you to do work for them but yet fail to actually ask you for something and then blame/get aggrivated when it is not done correctly.  If you come at me like that you will see my Eye of the Tiger and hear my roar.  Thank you, Katie.  However, if you would like dating advice, know if someone is totes crushing on you or if your BFF is seriously MIA because you LMFAO'd at the wrong moment- I'm your girl.  

How was your Friday?  
Did you want to drink at noon?  I did... apparently that's frowned upon.  

Link up and tell me about it!

Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays


  1. I wanted to drink at noon, but not for any particular reason other than I always want to drink at noon!

  2. I wanted to drink at noon, but I wasn't off work until 5:00. I was avidly searching the world for anyone who would deliver a very big strawberry margarita to me at work though... Never did find anyone. :(

    1. Can you imagine how much it would cut drinking and driving incidents if someone delivered? Mind Blown.