Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!

I know, I know... I'm a little late!  Have you read my post on how amazing I am at procrastination , here?  Well I'm pretty much a pro and then you add forgetting my box at work, a full weekend and Monday sick.  Yep, I'm awesome.


What's a Cara Box you ask?  Well let me tell you! It's pure awesomeness all wrapped up in a flat rate box!  Ok, so it's a little more than that...

Cara Box is a gift exchange of sorts where you get paired with another blogger (or non blogger, yes- there's a special place for you too), you learn about them and then send them super fun stuff!  There is a different theme each month to spark your creativity!

This month I was paired up with Abby and Brittany!

Abby is pretty much dripping of sweetness and as a Preschool Teacher, it's pretty fitting!  Abby and I hit it off instantly and now gab like we're old college buddies!  Love it!  Abby blogs over at Always Abby- cute name, right?  I learned that Abby is a living in complete newlywed bliss and you can completely see it by the way she talks about her husband.  Seriously, so cute!  Also, Abby has a love for teapots that I totally capitalized on.  Check out the Cara Box I sent her, here.  I think she kind of liked it?  There is all kinds of goodness on her blog from awesome activities for Teachers, Sunday Social link ups and so much more!  Go check it out and don't miss her 25 before 26!!

Brittany blogs over at Adam-N-Brittany, Life in Dixie!  It was so great getting to know her.  This lady has a pretty fantastic blog if I do say so myself- and I do, so check it out!  Brittany and her Hubby moved to the South from Southern Cali and her blog explores that journey, her bucket list, travel and some awesome recipes to boot!  She was very sweet and completely knocked my socks off with what she sent me!  I'm one lucky girl!! 

And now, my Cara Box goodies!

Aren't you jealous?!  You should be!!  I mean can you see this?
And this?  

And seriously.... I die.

Brittany's gifts were so thoughtful and creative!  How did I win the awesome partner lottery? 

Do you Cara Box??
Until next time...

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