Friday, September 20, 2013

Frank Fridays: The end of a decade

No Soliciting Sign by LilyBug428 on Etsy, $22.00
Happy Friday!  

*Small rant to start!  Hey, it's time to be frank!

Do you know how many crazy hang up, solicitor, quicken loans and automated calls I've received at WORK today?!!  So many.  Seriously, stop calling.  We're a School District and we're not interested.  How did you even get this number?  I swear- I'm about to "show my *almost* age" and say that my mom was completely right when she was pissy about solicitors calling her and how aggravating it is!  I mean, I don't even live here!  Well, it feels like I do and I may or may not have a sweet little set up under my desk...but I digress.  Don't you think that if someone needed any of the above services they would find your business?  People are pretty good about searching out help when they really really needed it.  

So... it's my birthday tomorrow.  It's the big 3-0.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  One on hand, I don't think I look like I'm 30 at all, I'll cut you if you say you thought I was older, but on the other hand, what does 30 look like??  I have watched Sex in the City for as long as I was allowed to or maybe before but I'm not going to implicate myself!  Do you know how old Carrie was when they started the season?  Let alone how amazing SJP looked at the end of movie numero dos- well there was that one scene- oye yav, scary non makeup shot. #notherbestlook #holycrapdoIlooklikethatwithoutmakeup?  Either way.  I firmly believe that 30 is the new 20!  I mean, Americans are living longer than ever and with how health conscious everyone is, I fully expect to not start "looking/feeling my age" until later on in life.  Much later.

CS LewisI've got big plans for 30.  I've already started a healthy eating and lifestyle plan to get back to where I feel the best "me" is.  13lbs down and I'm not telling you how many to go!  It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been too hard either!  I promise to share what I've been doing and do a big "reveal" in a bit!  I also want to focus on finding something career wise that makes me happy and not want to strangle someone or become an alkie!  I'm going to make travel more of a priority, and I don't mean little trips here and there- I mean the big, 35x35 travel goals you can read about here.  I'm going to continue working on being a better friend.  I'm pretty sure there's a post coming up about that during Blogtember, but being a friend to people I don't see on a daily basis doesn't always come easy to me.  I always love them the same, but I don't put in enough effort and I am going to continue to work on that and become the friend I see myself as and want in return.  Last but not least, I'm looking forward to poppin out a chitlen or 12.  Here that thud?  That was my husband hitting the floor after he fainted!  J/k Honey, I meant one or two...or did I?  We don't need a Dugger scenario here and I definitely don't want these little ones "walking out" so I think we'll keep our household in the lower numbers.  
Sassy Pants Tank NEEEEED!!!! $30

You probably won't be hearing from me tomorrow since I have a fabulous surprise party I need to attend for moi!  Oh, you didn't now I knew about my surprise party?  You should read this and all about my amazing friends that are putting this Dirty Thirty Redneck Party on!  I've donned my party sassy pants and I'm ready to ROCK!

I'm excited to see what 30 will be like and what it or (He) has in store for me.  I don't know if it's just because it's Friday or if I can feel 30 creeping in... but I'm feeling a little fiesty.  Watch out world, it's a whole new decade!

Happy Friday and don't forget to be Frank!

Until next time...
Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays

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  1. Yay! Happy Birthdayyyy!!! If you had twitter, I would tweet at you, but you don't so... I'll figure out another means of harassing you today! :)))))