Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A moment & my life in photos!

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.
Wednesday, September 18: Only photos

I'm cheating a bit here, but like I always say- rules were meant to be broken!!

Oh, if I could put time in a bottle and take out specific memories I would do it all the time!  I love to take a trip down memory lane, look at old photos and really relive those times!

As I'm trying to pick out just ONE memory I would love to relive, I realize that I can't.  There are too many amazing nights with my bestfriends & my sorority sisters, my college years, times with my Grammie, my year as an exchange student and of course my wedding.  So, instead of choosing just one, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

No judging on the outfits!  I stand by my fashion crimes!

Until next time...


  1. I love all the pictures! Did I see a ninja turtle in there!? I will have to show Little Man... he will love it!

    1. Yes ma'am! A couple of friends and I were ninja turtles for Halloween! We made our costumes and it was awesome!!

  2. I made your blog, and totally in the midst of my glory days. Ahhh, you just made me go down memory lane...and I loved it!

    1. Of course you did! We all had some good times... ahh to be in college again *sigh*