Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Jolly Old Man

Today is the day after Christmas and I have NO idea what to do with myself.  For the first time in four days I don't have to cook, get the house ready or shower if I really don't feel like it.  I'll probably feel like the last one, but the jury's still out.  #yourewelcome  Today is what I like to call Leftoverevemas.  Pronounced leftover-eve-mas.  This is the day when I don't cook.  Like, at all.  This morning when we all work up *ahem, 10:30* I pulled out all of the leftovers, including the French toast casserole I made yesterday and said...and I quote "voila, breakfast/lunch and possibly dinner is served".  I have one lucky family, let me tell you! 

My personal favorite turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy sandwich will be a must today!  If you need any leftover ideas, make sure to check out my How to upcycle your Thanksgiving leftovers post, here!  There are SO many recipes to help you kick the leftover boredom!

Aside from eating our weight in food/cookies/candy and drinking enough cocoa to put even Santa's elves into diabetic shock, we've been doing super fun stuff!  Two days ago we went to a local park and then dawned our Christmas jammies for a family photo shoot !  Here are some sneak peaks!


My personal favorite, so far! via

Yesterday we woke up bright and early to see what Santa brought us, had Christmas brunch and then I cooked my butt off for Christmas dinner.  Enter, leftoverevemas!  It was a fun night filled with food, games and family!  Everyone was super spoiled, including me!  Love that!


Being so far away from my parents I was blessed with a facetime from them!  This may or may not have been the first time in 3 years my Madre figured it out and we facetimed!  Ok, it totally was!  I was super excited to "see" them and I got to show them my house.  #mademyhearthappy

That's about it so far!  Today will be filled with winter drives "out the road" coming soon to a Cordovaism post near you, snowball fights, game nights and lots of family time.  Just the way I like it. 

I hope your Christmas was as amazing as mine was!  What was your favorite present?!  How do you upcycle your leftovers? 

Until next time...


  1. Your photos are so fun, love them! Also, I like your way of reusing left-overs... I totally forgot about them (in our tiny fridge I don't know how I didn't see them... and ended up having to throw a lot away :(

    1. You know, I'm really conscious of wasting food because of money and because people around the world starve everyday. I know my family doesn't mind eating leftovers especially when I re-purpose them! Glad you liked the recipes, let me know if you have any others I could add! :)