Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Baby Ladd has a name!

As our dute date comes screetching towards us, one of the favorite questions people like to ask is "Do you have a name"?  Why, yes... we do.  So, if you've been waiting in anticipation for Baby Ladd's name, it's my pleasure to announce your wait is over!

Drum roll please...
Meaning: king or regal.  A feisty, intelligent young woman. Someone who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. Is also known to be: extremely fun-loving, loyal, quick-witted, and sarcastic, but will stand by your side at all times.
Meaning: wise or counselor.  Avery means amazing, talented in every way , able to sucseed, will go far in life, loves and cares for that one special person, very good at basketball. (thank you urban dictionary, my husband will love that!) 
After making several attempts at adding my Mom, Grandma, D's Mom or Grandma's name into the mix we came up short and would've ended up with something like Renesmee.  Which, if that's your thing is fine, but it was definitely on my to-don't list.  So instead we went in search of a strong female name with a slightly androgynous feel.  It just so happens that her initials are the same as mine, in a different order :)  I think we nailed it!
Only 36 more days until this little ladies' proposed birthday!
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