Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Purge.

I just had way too much rant for one Friday...
*Begin rant- or skip ahead for non crazy talk after the next starry thingy*

You know what I hate?!  I hate when people treat me like a CHILD.  I am NOT a child and I do not appreciate being treated as such.  I am 30 freaking years old and just because I don't have wrinkles, self loathing, I don't take myself so seriously I have forgotten how to have fun, have a positive attitude and sense of humor does not mean you get to treat me like I'm a tween.  Oh hey, Taylor Swift called.  She's not my BFF and just for clarification if she was, we could go drinking because she's 23.  Looks can be deceiving and just because your kids love us, doesn't mean we are 5.  Mind. blown.  For that matter, did you ever stop to wonder if your so called "kids behavior" would turn around if you gave them respect, responsibility and positive reinforcement?!  Novel idea don't you think?  Heaven help them if you speak to them in the manner, or worse, than you speak to me.

I'm very to the point.  Shocker, I know.  I don't really do "chit chat" and especially when you need something from me or have a problem.  Yes, we can talk about your feelings if you need to.  No, I do not need a 15min reason of why you're chewing me out especially when you are not my boss.  Rip off the band aid people and let's have a constructive conversation!  I am a productive member of this society, no different than you.  I have bills, am married, own a dog, have a family to take care of and hold down a job.  Please enlighten me as to why you feel it's appropriate to look down on me and treat me differently?  Please save your Huns, Honey, Sweetie and Sweetheart pet names for your animals or significant other.  You better thank my Mamma that I was raised to be more polite than my brain keeps screaming at me to be.  If I was not in a work environment you better believe you would have received a polite but effective earful.  Right now I'm imagining every stereotypical gay man yelling at you, snapping his fingers in a "Z" and giving you multiple "oh honey you better recognize"s.  It's lightening my mood... and saving you ps. 

Hello, My name is Annalee and I'm the patron saint of second chances and silent rants.
Story of my life people.

*End rant.*

On another note.  D and I watched an interesting movie last night.  Have you seen The Purge?  The concept is quite intriguing and being so into the inner workings of the brain, I found it quite compelling.  One night a year, all crime is legal.  Crazy concept, huh?

People are supposed to act a specific way all the time.  Think of all of the times people make you angry.  Think of all the times you *wish* you had said something but didn't because it wasn't professional or polite.  Think of all the times you really just got so upset you were on the verge of a child's tantrum... but didn't act.

I think there is some validity to the concept when you think about it.  Some people choose not to follow societies norms and they are considered "weird" or worse.  Saying this does not exactly mean that I condone a night where all crime is legal but I've thought about the movie, and entertain the ideas it displayed, minus the actual killing part.  Before you make a lynch mob for me, riddle me this Batman, have you ever wanted to lose control?  Wanted, not did?  One night to release for everything you have to keep inside.  One night to look forward to, to put up ALL of your pent up aggressions in, to store your stress and then... just... release.  Think about how unhealthy people become from not talking about issues, harboring feelings and never releasing!  

Think about all of the stress studies and techniques we have and the billions of dollars spent on the idea of relaxation.  What if you didn't have to use those techniques, spend that money or feel those feelings because you knew that you could put all of those emotions in a pretty little box and on (insert date here) you could release the beast.  You could release any sort of anything living, growing or eating you up inside.   I’m pretty sure I’d be outside reeking havoc on some cars, bonfires or other things of a destructive nature- but not jumping on the murderas bandwagon.  I think I’ll stay away from that aspect.    

In case you're worried, no... I'm not going to do anything.  In fact, I was the bigger person in the previous conversation and actually quite diplomatic.  Did I want to, h-e-double hockey sticks, no.  But I did.  It's always fun to imagine though.  I think I'll grab a glass bottle of wine and a chick flick and pray to the purge gods that the beast stays in check.

Until next time...

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  1. Whoa girl. I love the mental image of the Z snaps and "oh honeys" aahahaha! :)

    Next time just trip them as they walk away... much more cathartic than waiting. I hate it when people treat me like I'm a child. :( My dream response is, "Wanna see the last time my parents contributed to my checking account?". Hah, yeah. They don't. *big ole eye roll*

    1. Word! I'll trip them, that is a hilarious thought! *thinks happy thoughts*