Friday, October 25, 2013

Frank Fridays: Honey, I'm home!

Great news!  My Husband's boat is back in the 'ol US of A.  Ok, they never really left but it felt like they could have.  That was a long two weeks after being spoiled this summer and having them around a lot more.  Such is the life of a CG Cutterman's wife!

*Side note-  I woke up today with a positive attitude and excitement for the day to come.  Well, specifically excitement for 4:30 when I get off work.  Cheers to the freakin weekend people.  We lived to relax another day!  Hopefully I'll have some awesome shenanigans to tell you about next week!*  

Anywho, another season is upon us up here in Cordova, Alaska.  It's the widely praised start of the HS Basketball season... aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh *and the crowd roars*!  Since my hunky husband is a super referee on the side and I am the reigning varsity cheer coach, this season also means another thing: crock pot dinners!  Yes, consessions food is also available!  I can't wait for the over processed and yellow dye #4 cheese nachos, said no one ever.  In a dire situation those little nuggets of imitation Velveeta can taste like gold but in the spirit of trying to lose weight and not preserve myself from the inside out, I think I'll pass! 

In the coming weeks months you will be able to see a wide variety of crock pot goodies grace the pages of this lovely blog.  I'll tell you the good, the bad and the just plain awful (those will be nacho nights) as I navigate through this basketball season.

Beef Stroganoff or Balsamic Roast will be the first thing on the list!  I've been craving both for a while.  After a quick trip to Juneau last week with the Student Council I found an awesome selection of brown rice noodles and such in their grocery store.  So, I did what ever rational woman would do- I bought TONS of organic, gluten free and other healthy stuff and crammed it in my suitcase for the short 2hr plane ride home.  Welcome to Alaska life.

Wish me luck in the months ahead that my husband and I get fed and my crock lives through it!  Please pass on any amazing recipes you have- lord knows I'll need the help!

Happy Hunger Games Crock Pot Days!  Enjoy your Friday and don't forget to be Frank!

Life, Laughs and Ladds: Frank Fridays

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