Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marriage is a Verb.

Hello Blogland!

We have finally returned from our vacation traipsing all over the State of Alaska.  Let me tell you it is NO joke when they tell you this State is twice the size of Texas!  I saw so much of this beautiful State and met many state birds mosquitos, they're biters!  Just for an update- we will never, never, never be friends.  But- more on that crazy adventure later!

I was sitting at home yesterday while the Hubs was on duty (staying on the boat for 24hrs) when BAM I started thinking about him, and us, and our life.  Since this was the first time I had been home alone in over a month it was a shock that my inner dialogue came back.  I guess it was on vacation too!  I started thinking that I really am so thankful to have a Husband who's in it to win it well, I mean he already won me so what more is there?? and here for the long, yet enjoyable, haul.  This thought then, of course, sparked a Pinterest sesh where I found this:

Marriage is Not a Noun

Marriage is a verb.  I found this quote on the Happy Wives Club and it rang true to me.  We've been married for almost a year and a half now, together for 4ish years and I always thought it would be easy.  I was always told it should be easy.  Well, It is easy some days and we never want to leave the other's side, we giggle and are silly and lovie the whole day- and then there are other days.  Granted these days are VERY few and FAR between, but I'd be lying if I said they didn't happen.  Now, these are not the days you talk about with people, unless your super close, and these are not the days you see on Facebook.  Does that mean it's not official?  These days are the days that need the most attention.  These are the days where that little voice inside you may say- until death do us part?  You look at that little voice and say YES.  If you want it, you put the work in and this lady is in it for the long haul.   

Hello Random- I know.  But after 13 days together with two kiddos, one hotel snaffou and almost 20hrs in the car, there wasn't a lot of "reflection time".  I was thankful for a break yesterday and I finally had the time to reflect on the wonderful time we actually had.  My Husband and I are constantly working on our marriage and learning about each other.  I want to remember that and appreciate the drive we both have for each other.  Don't forget to stop and smell the roses when it shines and dance in the rain when it- well, rains duh.

Until next time...  


  1. This is great! We all need to stop and smell the roses!

  2. So insightful and so true, after almost 12 years together and 7 married. Some days are great and some months are tough but you push through and work hard because, hey, for better or for worse..:-)

  3. SO true ladies! Smell the roses and dance in the rain!

  4. I loved this and saved that pin!! I'm not married but I love getting to read stuff like this, which gives me a glimpse into what marriage is like. Just like with life in general, there are going to be times that are smooth sailing and other times that are much more difficult. When we remove the expectation that it should be easy and that the other person is responsible for our happiness, we allow true love to flourish and exist and endure. Thank you for writing about this!! :)


    1. That is so sweet! Just keepin it real here!