Monday, June 8, 2015

Raegan | 4 Months

I'm sorry, what?  Four months?  Where did the time go?

It's been a hard adjustment to go from new mom, and back to work but this last week made me feel like we were actually getting in a groove.  Our time is short and precious on weekdays with our little so we tend to soak up every minute we can.  Our weekends have mostly been spent by the pool, on an adventure or just enjoying each other's company.


You've changed so much over the past few months and the past few weeks specifically.  You amaze me daily with your little personality.  You know what you want and you make sure we know it too.  You're a pretty "easy" baby and have a laid back personality until you need something.  You are a with a capitol C!  I love the sound of your little voice and am so in love with our daily conversations.  However, let's try to keep the conversations to a minimum before 6am- ok baby girl?  K, thanks.   

You've started movin' and shakin'!  The first time you rolled over, on purpose, I was headed out to get my hair done.  Wow, you sure know how to stop your Mama in her tracks!  I was gladly late to see this action again and again.  The look of surprise and then pride on your face made my heart glow.  

You're growing like a weed Raegan Roo!  Daily, your Dad and I look at you and swear you look bigger.  Everyone thinks you're so small, and you are quite petite, but you've now gained two thigh rolls that I'm quite proud of.  You're too long for newborn onsies but too skinny for 3mo.  Go figure, pants are the same.  Your newborn pants fit perfectly in the waist while the 3mo practically fall off or look like they're up to your armpits.  I've just started telling people you're wearing baby capris- shhh, no one will know.  

I'm so excited to watch you grow but already sad at how fast it's passing.  Slow down baby girl, we've got plenty of time.

R A E G A N   T H I S   M O N T H
rolls over
near prefect head/neck control
sits w/assistance
sleeps in crib most of the night
smiles at everyone
coo's, sings and chats us up
is 12lbs and 25in long (estimated, dr on 15th)
Turns toward loud noises or our voices
grabs, and gets almost all things she reaches for
found her toes
3-6 months clothes with some newborn
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are your jams
loves her boobies and bottles
alllllmost sleeps through the night, wakes when hungry
gives me feet to cuddle while nursing
eats 4-5oz every 3ish hours
Nicknames: Raegan Roo, Monster, Princess (even school calls her Princess)
wants to stand whenever possible
loves to fly
loves her teachers and friends at school
wears size 1 diapers
favorite toys: Dino - zebra - musical play mat
dislikes: tummy time, being flat on her back, her 4Moms mamaroo, nose frida
i want to remember: my first mother's day, first swim, first rollover, first sleep through the night in your crib 

Until next time...


  1. I love that she jams out to T Swift and Katy Perry :) She is seriously so cute and that big polka dotted bow is the best!

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