Friday, July 10, 2015

Raegan | 5 Months

I cannot believe Raegan is 5 months old already.  It’s true what they say “the days (or nights) are long but the years are short”.  Raegan is constantly changing before my eyes.  Just last week when we put on her 3mo footed pjs I noticed that they were quite snug in the length and we needed to get her the 6mo size, yet when I picked them up at the store I gawked at just how large they looked.  After putting them on  her last night I almost started to cry, they fit.  Well… they kind of fit.  They’re still a little too long and of course too wide, she's my skinny Minnie, but overall they fit.  And just like that I find myself wondering where the last 5 months have gone.

This month you have experienced so much!  You had your first Father’s Day and daycare took the cutest picture of you in a tie.  Your Dad, a natural softie, was in tears.  Good job!  You met your step-sisters and are in LOVE.  Seeing all three of you together melts my heart.  You three instantly loved each other.  You love your sister Dayna so much you spit up on her every time like you’re marking your territory.  And yet, she still loves you!  Every time Caitlyn looks at you, you smile from ear to ear!  You went on your first road trip and were a champ!  You felt a lake, sand and snow all in the same week!
Sister friend, you are consistently changing and figuring out what you like and dislike.  You have no problems letting us know either way!  You are no longer satisfied to lie on the floor under your toy gym.  The moment we set you down, you roll over and want to see what else you can explore and how to get off your stomach as soon as possible.  Mama thinks it’s time for a jumper since you constantly want to stand.  Papa even had you standing on your own while holding his hands! 

Anything and everything you can get your little hands on winds up in your mouth.  Teething much?  There are some definite ridges where your two front teeth will be and I’m thinking it’s almost time.  You’re so interested in our food as well.  One more month little one and we’ll start playing with food.  You’re so eager to explore the world around you in every way!  Trust me, we’ve got time.  Slow down little Roo, slow down…

R A E G A N   T H I S   M O N T H
rolls over (front/back,back/front)
head/neck control
sits w/assistance
sleeps in crib all night
smiles at everyone
is very vocal on likes/dislikes
holds bottle on her own
coo's, sings and chats us up
is 13lbs and 25in long
recognizes  voices
reaches for everything
is interested in food
loves eating her toes
all 3-6 mo clothes, almost in 6mo pjs
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are your jams
loves her boobies and bottles
alllllmost sleeps through the night, wakes when hungry
cuddles with the boobie when nursing
eats 41/2-5oz every 3ish hours
Nicknames: Raegan Roo, Nugget, Monster, Princess (even school calls her Princess)
wants to stand always, stands on her own while holding hands
loves to fly
loves her teachers and friends at school
wears size 1 diapers
favorite toys: Dino - sophie - musical play mat
dislikes: being flat on her back, her 4Moms mamaroo (sold!), nose frida
i want to remember: your first roadtrip, your first snow and lake experience, first father's day

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