Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making friends is hard...

As I sit here in my quiet house, drinking water and working on my next "bump date" I ponder over a very interesting question... Why is it so hard for adults to make friends?  And how the hell do you go about it without a job or child?

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure that if I drug some of these people out of their houses into a social situation, they would see how awesome I am, maybe after they get over the part that I just drug them out of their house? Stranger danger? But that's the touchy part isnt it?  Meeting the strangers and turning them into friends.

This is my first time being in a "big" housing complex in a new city.  I was fortunate enough that my first military station with my, then boyfriend turned hubby and baby daddy, was in his hometown- hello, instafriends!  But this, this is an entirely different ball game.  I'm in a new city and state, with no (born) children, in a large housing complex with no job and a husband who's new job has taken him away for two weeks. 

Go out, meet people you say... Ok, let's explore that.  A) I have no kids, so if I went to the playground and just hangout I'm pretty sure I'd be labeled a weirdo or child molester on site; B) go ok walks with your dog you say- ok, done it, and when I actually have seen people or a group of people while walking I've said hello... And that folks is where it ends.  And the almighty C) Booze.  Have the neighbors over right?  Wrong.  Not only can I not partake in what is surely to win me friends, I'm a super fun drunk, I can't even get these people in a corner to invite them over.  No other options as of yet.  I feel like I have just as much of an opportunity making friends on the subway or bus- and you know how you feel about people talking to you on public transportation- don't lie.  

So here I sit... Missing my friends from Cordova and Washington, wishing my husband wasn't gone and hating this blasted weather for making 75 feel like 100... Wondering when another human will get the urge to pick me as their friend.  I'll just have to remember when they do not to become a stage 5 clinger!

Is it weird for an adult to run a lemonade stand?  Maybe a hard lemonade stand to attract the right crowd?  Wait, I think that requires more paperwork... Never mind.  I'll just sit here making my cardboard sign that says "Free hugs" and wait for my first taker.  That's not weird at all, that's proactive.

Until next time...


  1. Ugh, girl, you are SO right! We've been in our apartment for 2 weeks and it's so hard! Funny story: last night we had a fire alarm go off at 2:30 and we were all outside for a half hour and it's the best socializing I've done since we're been here. So my suggestion? Pull the fire alarm!

    1. I know I'm so late on this, but I laughed so hard when I read this!! How many fire alarms have you pulled now?? haha