Friday, April 4, 2014

Frank Friday: because I'm happy!

Happy Frank Friday on Monday!!  I swear Pharrel's song speaks directly to my soul!

....Because I'm happy!!

Saturday marked exactly 3 months until we start our new journey!  I am beyond excited!  I have really enjoyed my time in Cordova and will miss it, but the sunshine state is calling my name!

I started a new journey of my own this last week at the local hardware store!  I even got my picture on the stores Facebook page! #celebritystatus 

It's funny how just one comment can make your whole day sometimes.  Just the other day one of my previous coworkers came into the store and immediately said- OMG, you're smiling, I don't think I've ever seen you smile that big.  Well peeps, that is exactly why I quit my job and you should too of you're unhappy.  The truth is, I AM happy at my new work place and while I may not be making the dolla dolla bills y'all, no one is starving here.  Clearly...  And life goes on.

Well Saturday was one of two final events for wrapping up the Cheerleading season- the sleepover.  Let me tell you just how nervous I was going into this thing!  I haven't been to a sleepover in, oh I don't know, 20 some odd years... Stop doing the math... So I had no idea what elements really made for a great sleepover!  

Turns out that I was on the right track!  Taco bar for dinner, ice cream sundae bar for dessert, scary movies, tons of junk food & snacks and girl talk are the perfect elements!  It was a blast!  One thing I did completely underestimate was how much teenage girls eat.  Holy moly!  I know understand the phrase "they ate me out of house and home".  After I finally threw in the towel around 4 (am!!!) my little gremlins helped themselves to my sandwich making ingredients because they were still hungry.  #seriouslywheredotheyputit 

Throw in a lap swim and catching up with one of my amazing friends and I would call this weekend a success!  Here's to another great week and maybe, just maybe if the stars align, I might get to see the Mr.  Stay tuned!

Until next time...


  1. What a fun weekend!! So great to read about how happy you are - that celeb photo is great :) I wish I could still eat like a teen girl lol!!

  2. Now that sounds like a fun weekend! I'm so happy your happy with your new job!

  3. I'm so glad that you're happy with your new job! I'm jealous that you have a place that makes you smile every day.

    Holy teenagers... WHERE DO THEY PUT THE FOOD?!

  4. The sleepover sounds like so much fun! I miss those teenage days of just eating... and eating...