Monday, April 14, 2014

2 years in the books!

Happy two year anniversary to my amazing Husband!! 

Two years and a couple days ago my fiancé and I were under the gun.  We had set a date for October 13, 2012 to get married but found out that the CG had other ideas.  After a few phone calls to our parents, a few tears and a promise of two anniversaries, we found ourselves in one of our friends kitchens devising a major plan.  If we were going to get married six months early, it was going to be epic.  We started out by telling one of our best couple friends (one, who just happened to be a pilot) what we wanted to do, knowing that if we couldn't get him to fly us anywhere we weren't going to do it.  Of course, being the amazing man that he is, there weren't any problems and he even roped in a fellow pilot to make our first big day a success.  The plan had legs.  We had our ride.  Where, you ask?  To a tiny island... Hook Point, Alaska to be exact!  In *almost* 6 months to the day, I was going to be wed on the beaches of Oahu, HI and if I was getting married early, it was still going to be on a beach- Alaskan style!

Next, naturally we needed someone to marry us.  We headed over to our neighbors house, who just happened to be the best man of the HI wedding, to see if he wanted to play priest for a day.  **Side note, first friend lived across the street and second friend lived across the hall haha!  We keep our friends close!**  So with a smile and a hug, we had an officiant.  Conveniently, his wife offered to take pictures of our big day as well.  Score and Score!  We were lucky people!  This plan was turning out quite nicely. 

Now, for someone to walk me down the isle.  Enter my favorite Ginger friend!!  Who better than one of my bridesmaids to act as Father of the Bride for a day?  With another hug and a few Ginger tears we were set!

A couple days later we all dawned our cold weather rain gear, hopped into a tiny plane and headed out to get hitched.  What did you expect, it was still Alaska in April?!  We landed on a perfectly manicured beach thanks to Mother Nature, and under the trellis of our winged chariots, we became husband and wife.  Of course there are more cute and sappy details, but those are just for the glorious few that were involved in this shindig.  :)

Happy *official* two years to you, Babe!  May there be many, many more in our future! 
 The best is yet to come!!! 
Until next time...


  1. *giggles profusely* I love this story. It's too freaking cute! :) I am also super jealous that you get two anniversaries.

  2. I never knew the background to your "first" wedding. This is such a lovely story ! You have to admit a remote Alaskan island is a pretty special place to get married.

  3. What a cute first wedding! You definitely made the best of the situation! Congratulations!

  4. Awww what a sweet story!! Happy Anniversary!