Thursday, March 27, 2014

To Infinity and Beyond-Stitch Fix

I think I've mentioned before that I live in a rural Alaskan town- right.  I also mentioned there is no where to shop- right?  Well... after seeing Stitch Fix on a couple blogs I decided to give it a try!  My first fix was in December and most recent in April.

If I didn't before... I now believe in love at first sight!

I was super skeptical about this program because I am *ahem* voluptuous but I have to say that it's been working out quite nicely so far.  I'll admit there are a few things that I was like- um, no.  But all in all fit wise it's been pretty great.  Right now the sizes are from 0-14 and with me teetering on the edge some of the trends just don't work well for me but others have been amazing!

Shameless selfie in my new threads!!

How does it work?!  Well, you go to the link below and fill out a style quiz.  From that you put down $20 which always goes to whatever you buy and also guarantees you a kick butt stylist working hard to find you cute fashion!  You set up your first "fix" and wait anxiously like a kid on Christmas.  When the box arrives you get to see your 5 items, try them on and then send back whatever didn't work for you in the bag provided with free shipping!  I swear it's that easy...  It's like having a little elf magically place style at my doorstep.  Thank you baby Jesus!

December was a complete hit!  There were two items that I sent back and I kept 3...sorry honey!  One item I sent back was a puffy vest, no thank you, and the others were adorable skinny jeans that didn't go with my J-Lo.  January was a little less of a hit in someways because I only kept one item, but can I tell you how AH-MAZING the shirt I kept was?!  Seriously, it's a gorgeous shade of emerald green that I don't think I would have picked out for myself but when I tried it on, I felt so pretty.  Feb and March had equally awesome boxes with at least one item kept and all with things I wouldn't have picked out!  That's the point right?  Stitch Fix sends me things I might not pick out for myself but I try everything on and have been pleasantly surprised every time.

Oh, did I mention they send you a little card on how to style each item a couple different ways?!  Yeah, that happened.  So for all you styling impaired, have no fear... Stitch Fix is here!!!  Also- they send you cute little notes!  One note told me one of the dresses would be cute for a date night with the HUBBY.... I'm pretty sure they read my diary.

There's my schpele and nope, this isn't sponsored at ALL.  I'm too little of a blog, but I really liked this product and thought you might too.  So try the link below and give it a whirl!!!  Either way, I'll still be looking fab in my fixes!

My code!  Check it out!  It's NOTHING to sign up, $20 styling fee when they send out your box that ultimately goes towards anything you buy!

Until next time...

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