Sunday, April 28, 2013

Small step for bloggers, GIANT step for this baby blogger

As I stumble through this new found world of CSS, HTML and a lot more new foreign languages I find myself taking steps in the right direction.  You see, I've always loved languages.  ALWAYS.  From learning French at KinderCare, then HS, moving to Belgium for more practicing and jumping the pond to EspaƱol, language is a currency I fluently trade in.  This being said, a jump to a new language is exciting, invigorating and completely terrifying for me- but alas, I am making the jump.  Every blog, tutorial and google search is fueling my fire for this new land.  My first accomplishment- adding a new background!  I did this pretty easily but it's not completely fulfilling my design astetic...yet. 

Accomplishment #2- adding links!  I know there's this cute little button on my tool bar when creating a new post that says "Link" but how was I supposed to know how to actually execute this??  Ok, it's kind of self explanatory but still!  There isn't an instruction manual for creating the coolest blog in the world... it has to be searched for, like a right of passage.  As you can see here, I took on a little tidbit of this new language and won!   

Accomplishment #3- adding fonts!  While I haven't found out yet how to add them ALL, I did find a tutorial on how to add the fonts I downloaded from the kinch life to my WORD and copy/paste.  This may seem trivial and oh so easy from the new X, Y or whatever they are calling the High School kids now but for this *almost* 30- it's a big step!  Here are a few new outfits you will see for my words!

I can add things like this!




Learning to speak this new language isn't going to be as easy as Myspace or immersing myself in a new country, but I think it will be just as rewarding and FUN!  So as my blog goes through those awkward teenage years that helped shape each of us into the people we are, enjoy the ride and keep coming back to see what new adventures "The Ladds" have gone on, and how my new language is shaping up. 
Until next time...

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