Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cannon Beach or bust!

A couple days ago we took a fast and furious trip!  In 72 hours we were in Seattle, Cannon Beach, Portland and back to Cordova, AK.  Whew!  Jet lag anyone? 
Go big or go home.  Because it's true. What do you have to lose. -Eliza Dushku
Well Eliza, sleep... but it was WELL worth it.  We took this F&F trip to see D's friend Ron get married!  Don't worry, we had fun along the way!  Case in point- our drive... and my awesome husband/navigator took us on a wild adventure!  Who needs major road systems?  Not the Ladds... rebels without a cause, that's us. 
Here are some pictures from our "road less traveled"
After 1.5 hours of Hills Have Eyes, back road fun we looked like this...
But finally we made it and found this...........aaahhhhh Goonie lovers everywhere gasp!

The next day we decided to take Cannon Beach by storm!  First stop- beach!
We found lots of treasure around Cannon Beach- crepes, Chocolate Café and so much more!  Check it out!

In the midst of all this exploring was the real reason we ventured down to Oregon!  Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Ron Cowgill!! 
Our Oregon trip would not have been complete without a check to one of my foodie desires!  We woke up at 2:30am just to drive from Cannon Beach to Portland and stop at--------VOODOO Donut!!  I have wanted to go here for so many years and never got a chance until now!  Look at these!  We chose a "Captain my Captain", "Bacon Maple Bar", "Old Dirty Bastard" and a "Chocolate Cake"!  Um... YUM!  Completely worth the wait!  We were in a food coma and gained like 20lbs! 
And with that, we headed back to the Final Frontier!  Until next time!

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