Wednesday, November 12, 2014

29 weeks

What a crazy couple of weeks!  Time flies when you start a new job and are growing a human!  We've been on the move lately so here's a quick recap and bumpdate for ya!

This last weekend D and I went to the San Francisco Baby and Birth Fair.  Mind Blown!  I'm happy to say that it was a great and very informative time.  Did you know that encapsulating your placenta and taking it like a daily vitamin is a thing now?  Yeah, me either.  Pass and gag.  I did learn a lot about breastfeeding, baby carriers, how to avoid sore nipples and bought some awesome baby products!  Total win!!  Here are some pics of our adventures!

Also, since it was right next door, we went to the Renegade Craft Festival!  Coming straight from the baby fair, walking in was a bit of a culture shock.  Hipsters as far as the eye cold see... There were actually some really cool, and seriously overpriced goods but we were in baby mode- which is why we opted for gourmet chocolates and toffee!  Seriously can't even describe how life altering this toffee was.... And of course I forgot the guys card.  Alas, we did a quick lap and skedaddled before they tried to put tight pants on me and a mustache on D.

My- way too many hipsters face!

Next stop, a fancy dinner to celebrate my Veteran!  We headed to McCormik and Kuleto's for their free veteran meal!  Seriously any chance to get my hands on some good seafood and a romantic atmosphere and I'm sold.  This restaurant did not dissappint!  We started with a bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer before D had the beef medallions and I had bacon wrapped sturgeon.  The sounds coming from our mouths were less than appropriate, it was that good!! Topped off with some good 'ol creme brûlée and we were set!  However, D said the dessert didnt hold a candle to my creme brûlée, isn't he sweet!?  I think I'll keep him!

Onwards to the bumpdate!
 My Halloween Costume!
How far along? 29 weeks, 1 days (holy slacker alert!)
Total weight gain: 9lbs- Halloween candy was not nice to me.  Bring on the dark leafys!
Baby is the size of ? An Acorn Squash
Maternity clothes? Yep!  I’m still wearing non-maternity duds as well but I discovered a new phenomenon this week, physics.  So, it’s not that I can’t zip my pants because they’re too small… I’m finding that I cannot physically reach my arms around my belly to GET to my zipper.  Yeah, I feel like a T-rex and those e-cards are no longer funny. 
Stretch marks? Why yes, yes I do!  I have been battling them with doTERRA products and vitamin E/coconut oil which seems to be helping.  Not familiar with doTERRA?  ASK!  Hello life changing
Sleep: It never seems like I get enough.  I’ve started going to be around 8:30 or 9, I know…, and yet I still wake up feeling like I haven’t slept at all. 
Best moment this week: I’m not sure what I classify this as, but I saw moment from the OUTSIDE this week!  Pretty freaky.  I know, miracle of birth and all but I can’t help but wonder if our little karate kid will make a Spaceballs entrance through my belly.  Yikes.
Miss Anything? My energy, being able to reach everything, not bumping the belly into things
Movement: Yeppers, kicks and punches galore!
Food cravings: Thanks to All Hallows Eve, sugar has been public enemy #1.  I need to reign it in, seriously.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really
Exercise? Not as much as I should be doing... working is pooping me out!
Gender:  ??  Pretty Pretty Princess!
Labor Signs: Nope.  My belly did get super hard the other night, I’m told I’ll start having signs like that.
Symptoms: I have good days and bad with random aches and pains.  Hello round ligament pain.  Google it.
Belly Button in or out? In- but I can now see both holes where my belly button ring would’ve resided. 
Wedding rings on or off? Sadly to say… last week I met the swelling monster.  I’m drinking tons of water but haven’t worn a ring in 3 days!  Seriously sad panda right here.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Um, not sure who turned on the water works 24/7, but I’d like them to stop, k?  Anything and EVERYTHING are making me cry.  I am so over feeling feelings.
Looking forward to: Buying a crib and car seat!

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